Solo circumnavigation of the British Isles.


Until recently, Andy Hodgson was what you would describe as your classic armchair adventurer.
Admiring the tradition of British explorers, along with the odd trip mountaineering or surfing, whilst bingeing on adventure travel documentaries and spending his lunch break endlessly planning for a trip that would never happen. 
"Like all great ideas and hair brained schemes,
this one was born in the pub after a few light ales". 

Fun Fact # 6 - The First row around Britain was in 2005 by a 4-man crew.

Fun Fact # 7 - The row has never been completed by a solo Boat.

A Few of his own words

have been asked why? A lot recently. The answer is not really something that I can articulate particularly well. I think all of us have our own reasons to explore or escape, to take on personal challenges like this. I also think that there's a certain richness that can be found from adversity, something that's missing from our ordinary comfortable lives. 

I've always liked the outdoors and challenging myself, to see what I'm capable of but I'm certainly not the kind of intrepid adventurer that gets to do this kind of thing. Not trekking off to far flung places or jumping out of what not. Although I did ride my motorbike off a curb once!

Mine is a familiar story, fighting the urge to wander, busy paying bills and living for the weekend (when I’d usually stay at home anyway). That's what we all do but that kind of daily grind can be exactly that; grinding. 

The opportunity to make big changes in life doesn't often present itself but it's always when I've stepped out of my comfort zone that I've learned to appreciate the things that I have. The idea for the row around Britain came about after being made redundant and losing a place to live at the same time. I took it as my opportunity. Like all great ideas and hair brained schemes, this one was born in the pub after a few light ales.

Without much time to think about what I was actually taking on, I threw everything I had into a second-hand rowing boat and dived in to my first real adventure.

Rowing around Britain in a seven metre boat soon seemed like an almost impossible challenge but it was right on my doorstep. It's no longer all that easy to discover unexplored areas of our planet, these things have been done before but to test yourself in that environment is quite a basic desire for some of us, almost necessary. 

This seemed like the adventure that I'd always been looking for. An adventure that wasn't as simple as following in someone's footsteps but something that I could make my own. 

I'll be the first to admit that I've not allowed myself a lot of time to prepare and get to the start line.
My first thought was how hard could it be? Turns out, hard... Really hard!

"Always do when sober what you said you'd do when drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut".

- Ernest Hemingway